Friday, November 14, 2008

A Rare Visit to My Blog

I haven't been blogging much since the summer. I've been very focused on my business and my two boys. But, in light of the collapse of the economy as we know it since September, I feel that I was WAAAYYY ahead of the curve in practicing frugal ways. I'll be interested to see how Americans respond to this crisis. Granted, according to news reports, October saw an almost 3% decline in consumer spending. Considering that 2/3 of our economy depends on consumer spending, that is significant. But, will Americans change their ways? There are so many blogs to help with frugal living, least of all mine.

Have I changed my habits? Well, not too much although tomorrow I will go to the local kids' toy swap to see what I can find for holiday gifts for my boys. I don't plan on many new toys or clothes, in fact, for them. Thank goodness they're not yet old enough to realize tags would indicate that they are new, not used!

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