Sunday, January 27, 2008

Being Frugal in 2008

With the "R word" looming on the horizon, what better time to be frugal! However, being frugal during economic downturns, does not have to be an occasional hobby but can be a lifestyle for a lifetime. Being frugal was always part of my life growing up, in college, when I first started working and then saving and now as a mom while I still work. And, I think it pays big rewards. I don't feel that I am being a cheapskate or depriving my family. I think many of my frugal decisions have helped us be healthy and have a cleaner and safer home. And, in the end, saving money gives us the option to do things while knowing that we've put aside money for our retirement, our children's college education, and more. But, I believe I can do better. I want to share some of what I do and would love to have a community of others who share what they do. As you see, I'm calling myself FrugalMomLA because I live in an LA suburb. Living in LA adds a special challenge to being frugal. Gas prices are through the roof, housing costs are high, and there's the constant pressure to drive the nice car, go on the fancy vacations, and wear the trendiest clothes. And then there are the kids!!! Birthday parties, lessons, camps--it never ends. But, I have persevered and while LA has all these pressures there are so many options when you live in a place like LA. So, stay tuned, and I'll be sharing my forays into living the frugal life in LA.

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