Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dollar Store Diva

My secret shopping passion are the dollar stores. And, I found dollar store heaven in Reseda! The 99 Cents Only Store and the Dollar Tree are located on Sherman Way right next to each other. What could be better! I have the convenience of perusing the aisles in both locations while parking in the same spot. Susie's Deals are two doors down but I'll save that for another post.

So, here's a picture of some of the grocery items I bought today from the 99 Cents Only Store. If I had bought these from the regular grocery store, I would have paid the following for them:

Hunt's Pudding Snack Pack - $1.99
Nabisco Mini Teddy Grahams - $2.65
Oscar Meyer Lunchable Jr. Pack - $2.00
Sunmaid Mini Raisin Snacks - $2.29 (Best guess.)
Grimmway Baby Carrot Package, 1 lb - $1.99 (The package in the photo is 1.25 lbs)

So, at the grocery market, I would have spent around $11.00. Instead, I spent about $5.00 (since every item there is just 99 cents, of course!). I actually bought 3 of the Lunchable Jr. packs which means I actually have 6 for the boys lunches and snacks all week. The one thing you have to watch for are the expiration dates which were not an issue except for the Lunchable Jr. packs which expire on Jan. 30 so I made the decision that it was OK to use one or two days after the expiration date.

These 99 Cents Only stores are all over the LA area although, alas, there are none near me which means I need to drive at least 10 miles to the closest one and even further to my favorite one in Reseda!

Next post, my recent purchases at Dollar Tree and a comparative study between the 99 Cents Only Store and Dollar Tree.

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Jake said...

Yeah, you can get some great deals at those stores. I found a two-pack of compact fluorescent light bulbs for $0.99. These are normally $7 each from a regular hardware store.

The trouble is, you can get carried away and next thing you know, you spent $50!