Monday, March 10, 2008

Setting Priorities

I met with our financial advisor today and although I wasn't thrilled that in September she recommended that I buy a lot of funds that have currently tanked and now wants me to buy different, more recession-proof funds, she did bring up an interesting point about priorities where we were discussing big-picture issues. I want a bigger house or at least a house with a layout that is more family-friendly with a yard that is a good size for kids but my husband wants to buy an office condo. So, these goals are conflicting with each other and we need to prioritize which ones we value the most. I guess if I had to list them right now they'd be this way:

Bigger and/or different house
Put more money aside for retirement/college
Office condo

We own our business which is why we want to buy the office condo. We're in an industry where it's hard to attract good talent without paying dearly for it and even then, it's an industry where the anti-social personality is quite common. We're talking IT here! So, my point is it's hard to grow if it's hard to find good people and they're expensive. Although, if the recession occurs, some people might be losing their jobs although right now I don't see the effects in a personal level. But, our local newspaper has two full pages of home defaults listed whereas a year ago there were none or maybe just a few.

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