Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break Update - To the Park We Go!

So, I'm spending the day with the boys today rather than going to the office and we went to a local park today. It's was an unusually warm March day ringing in around the high 70s/low80s so the boys were sweating while I searched for a shady spot whenever I could. We met another mom and son at the park. So, who what's the big news about going on a park playdate? Well, I'm just grateful that we have public parks!. It's a benefit from our tax dollars and Central Park in NYC was one of the first public parks to be built in the mid-1800s. What a blessing to have this option! I'm glad our citizenry support the idea of parks. Sadly, Will Rogers State Park is being considered for closure. It's not a play park like the local park but in light of budget issues, certain parks are slated for closure. In any event, even though I use local parks quite a bit for the kids, there are so many adults who walk their dogs or go on their daily "constitutionals" as it were at the parks. Parks can be wonderful equalizers and since there aren't the "main streets" of yesteryear, I guess a park must suffice in the meantime. After lunch and naptime/quiet time, I got the boys to help me wash my car. Granted they're only 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 but it's never too early to learn a valuable skill!

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