Thursday, February 7, 2008


In my quest to become a better blogger, I started looking at other blogs about Frugal Living. Actually, I feel more like I stumbled onto other blogs and I think stumbled is definitely an appropriate verb since I barely know what I'm doing in the blogger world. But, what a world! As far as I can tell, bloggers blog about each other almost as much as about their topic. I love following the links to all the other articles but I have a tendency to get lost in the maze so I've taken to bookmarking the ones I like. Speaking of ones I like, I chanced upon the I've Paid Twice Already blog which, among other fun and interesting articles, talked about making money doing online surveys. So, I just signed up for which, upon acquisition of a certain number of points, actually generates a little bit of cash! So, if you want to earn a little extra, emphasis on little, check it out. Go to the Paid Twice website and you can click on the affiliate button. (Seems like most bloggers want to help each other out which is why I mention this option for signing up rather than a direct route to the My Survey website. It looks like every blogger has their list of favorite blogs so I'll be starting one, too.


Rob in Madrid said...

Trent over at the simple dollar has an excellent series on Building a Better Blog HERE

I've been slowly going through it, very helpful.

3PrincessesMomma said...

In case you haven't found him yet, JD over at is GREAT. He's the one who got me started reading personal finance blogs. I also LOVE

I'll be reading up on you :)

FrugalMomLA said...

Thanks for your comment. I started reading your blog and have enjoyed your topics. Looks like we've both started at the same time. I look forward hearing about your progress!

-Christa (FrugalMomLA)