Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's All Too Much!

My mother, the Queen of Frugal, gave me this book called It's All Too Much! It's written by Peter Walsh who has a show on TLC called Clean Sweep. I just started the book so I've only read the first two chapters or so but I have managed to glean his point--which is.... clean out your house, declutter your life, and you will have room for growth and progress. A wonderful point and so well taken as a mother of two children under age 6 whose toys multiply while we sleep. Do they procreate on their own? How is that possible? Anyway, his point is that "there is a stuff epidemic in this country." We have stuff because there's a constant barrage of advertisements, because malls and shopping are favorite leisure and recreation activities, and because having stuff is the barometer by which our success is measured. So, here's the point in relation to being frugal. We need to recognize that having all this stuff does not make us happy. So, in fact, being frugal and choosing not to buy or have can translate into more peace and harmony. Well, how's that a thought for relaxation! And, if you have too much stuff, you're not alone. Walsh writes that "America has a problem with overaccumulation." I particularly thought his point about clutter getting in the way of living our lives fully and in the now. On that note, I'm off to declutter something, somewhere in my house with a vow not to replace those items with anything else.

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Finally Frugal said...

This sounds like a great book; something to look for at the local library! I'm reading a book right now called 'I'm Not Buying It", by Judith Levine. She and her husband/partner make the decision not to buy anything deemed not 'necessary' for an entire year. It's similar to the Compact'ers. I keep asking myself if I could really go for an entire year without a new pair of shoes, new mascara, or new sheets: all those girly things that make me so happy!