Monday, February 4, 2008

Furniture Shopping

I have to admit I'm no great fan of shopping for furniture but I heard about Living Spaces opening a store in the old GM plant in Panorama City on Van Nuys Blvd. So, in the hopes of finding a new couch and a chair or two for our living room, off we went. Well, the store is cavernous with an astounding number of furniture pieces. Their website is quite informative although I noticed that they have pieces in stock that are not shown on the website and, of course, you can't actually get a "feel" for the furniture unless you sit on it and touch the fabric or leather. They have a children's furniture section and the prices there were fairly reasonable. As you see in the photo, a full size canopy bed is $395.00. And, in case you're interested, even though the couch prices were great, we walked out without finding anything but the search continues. I won't fail to mention Ikea for furniture but that's definitely another post! What are your favorite stores or ways to buy furniture? One of my friends prefers buying from Craig's List or eBay. I bought my dining room table off Craig's List, in fact.

Front of Living Spaces store in Panorama City. Note that the colors are blue and yellow, just like Ikea! Hmmm....coincidence...I think not!

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