Monday, February 18, 2008

Children's Clothes - How to Keep Up with Their Growth

In a prior post, I'd mentioned that I'd do a more in-depth look at Susie's Deals, located in the same discount/dollar store mecca in Reseda that I've referenced before. Susie's Deals specializes in selling overstock or out-of-season clothing. They often carry name brands such as Hanes, Circo, Champion, Cherokee, Old Navy, and Gap along with lesser known brands. Yesterday, I bought two items for the boys, a pair of PJs with space ships on them and an olive green fleece sweat jacket. Susie's Deals is famous for their $5.99 or less guarantee. Many of the items in the store are $3.99 or less or sometimes they have 2 for $5.99 racks. This weekend is also a 10% off all purchases. So, I was happy that each item was just $5.49. According to the price tags, each would have been about $18.00 full retail. I'm sure you could find similar clothing on sale at the department stores for around $10 to $12 but I was happy with a 50% discount. Susie's Deals has childrens' and adult clothing. They have a wide selection of cotton items and on a past trip there I picked up two pairs of fleece sweatpants (2 for $5.99) that have served my older son well these past few weeks during the cold weather.

Here's are the PJs (Cherokee) and the jacket (Hanes):

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